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UCD General Insurance System (UCD GIS) was first designed and written in 1990 by Alan Wong Kiew Wah. It was designed to be a comprehensive computerised management system for general insurance agencies. It was specially designed for the agencies to keep proper records of its business with a more organised and systematic approach to the daily administration of the office.

During the last seventeen (17) years there were five major version upgrades to keep it line with the latest changes in the ever changing scenario in the general insurance industry. The GIS is designed to cater for multi-users in a network environment specifically with a two-tier architecture in its usage i.e. front counter sales and services, and a backend management information system.

10 Main Modules

a) Motor Insurance
    - covers all types of motor insurances.
    - tariffs calculation for most types except special types and trade plates
b) NCB/Policy Cancellation Tracking System
c) Non-Motor Insurance e.g. fire, PA, All Risks, Houseowner, etc
d) Marketng & Prospecting for new business module
e) Cover Note Tracking, Submission & Payment Control
f) UCD Application Security
g) Group Policy Management and Claim control system
h) Endorsement Tracking Module
i) SMS Reminder/Greeting module
j) Linkage to UBS Accounting & EMAS Accounting


Main Features Summary

1) Single entry Screen for all addition, edition, deletion and search
From our experience, majority of the agents/users are not so computer literate. A single entry screen to perform majority of the common tasks has found to be not only convenient to the users but also eliminate the ‘fears?in them about using computers.
Therefore UCD GIS was specifically designed with only one data entry screen for each module. All the entry screens are designed with standard controls and concepts so as to lower the learning curves of the users.
Most of our users can operate the system by the second lesson, that’s how easy it is to learn.

2) Front Counter Sales & Services
When a customer approaches an agent for purchase of new cover note or renewal of his policy, the system is able to handle the task with easy and renewal can be done in less than five minutes. In a high business volume office, fast and efficient customer service is important.

3) Fast and accurate submission of cover notes
Submission of cover notes has always been a tedious and time consuming process which takes a few hours to a whole day depending on the business volume.
To make situation worse, with the recent 7 days dateline for submission of cover notes many agents are doing overtime to ensure that all submissions are on time.
With this system, submission can be done in minutes not hours. Not only does it saves time, it also eliminates typing or handwritten errors on submission forms. The hours saved can be used for more productive works.

4) Auto premium calculation for renewals and new cases
It has always been time consuming to renew a policy which normally takes at least 15 - 20 minutes as the old policy has to be retrieved first before a renewal is done. With the UCD GIS, a renewal can be quoted in less than a minute and the whole process of issuing cover note, printing of receipt and collection of premium can be done in less than 10 minutes.
If required, premium quoted can be printed for further reference or faxed to customer.

5) Periodic reports on business done
There are numerous business reports where agents can track their business both with their principal insurance companies, sub-agents and corporate clients. Reports on commission received and discounts given to sub-agents and corporate clients can be obtained “at the press of a button?
Most of the reports can be seen on screen or printed out. This save paper cost as most of the time screen display of information/reports are sufficient.

6) Better sub-agents and corporate clients control
Some of the reports are specifically for sub-agents and corporate clients control. Examples of the reports are premium shortage, collection, business done and commission discounted.

7) Faster customer services and enquiries
Simple but frequent questions asked by customer can be easily answered in seconds and not in minutes. Examples of such questions are “Is my policy ready for collection?? “What was my previous policy NCB entitlement??or “What additional coverage did I buy in my policy??

8) Printing of Reminder letters
The system caters for printing of reminder letters to customers for policies due to expire, road tax due for renewal and JPJ inspection due for commercial vehicles.

9) Printing Of Official Receipts & Debit Note
The system will automatic print official receipt to customers or Debit Notes to clients upon issuance of cover notes. UCD Software can custom design the official receipts & debit note format if required.

10) Quick Issuance Of Cover Note
Cover notes can be issued/printed out on the spot and it is updated instantly in the cover note control.

11) Prospecting of new customers
Similar to a life insurance system, it is very important to keep track of all potential non-existing customers insurance policy renewals so as to remind them to renew with you when the polices are due. This is an aggressive or pro-active form of business marketing strategy. Increase sales means better profits!
The fourth module in the system caters for this. Reports of policies due will be printed out for telephone marketing to secure sales.

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