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UCD Software Sdn Bhd is the developer of the UCD New Motor Management System V6A. The application is specially designed for the New Motor Vehicle Dealers. It has gone through major enhancement for the past 17 years resulting in a comprehensive software which most of the features are required by the dealers.  

Summary Of The Main Modules

1) Booking Module
This module tracks all bookings made. Information related to booking of a vehicle are entered here e.g. Information found in a standard Vehicle Sales Order form (VSO). Official receipts for booking deposits can be printed out and send to the purchaser. A special "Thank You" letter will be printed to the purchase :-
a) to confirm the Booking Deposit is received
b) to project a professional image to purchasers with a "Thank You" letter
c) to eliminate CBT among salesmen.

We have also enhanced our system to cater for multiple modals and made of vehicles on sales. This is to cater for companies who are authorised dealers for more than one made of vehicles. This module is also designed for multiple branches booking. This is very useful if the distribution and allocation of vehicles is done by Head Office personnel.

2) Purchase/Vehicle Received Allocation Module
This module is to:
a) track the payments made to your principle company for the purchase of the vehicles. Payment details such as cheque no. and date paid or TT no. can easily be retrieved.
b) To assist the manager in allocation of vehicles received to your customers.
c) records and tracks custom/excise duty payments and their official receipts

This costing module can be configurate to be only accessed by administrators.

3) Floor Stocking Module
This module tracks all floor stocking vehicles and the charges incurred. Information such as finance company and interest rate charged will be available. It is cater for multiple floor stocking facilities from different finance companies.

4) Custom Excise Duty Module (Where applicable)
The system will track the necessary information for Excise duty such as Excise No., Amount Paid and date paid.

5) Loan Financing Module
This is one of the most important module as it tracks all loan submitted to each finance company to the time the payment is received. With this module, you can monitor all approvals, rejections and payments received from the finance companies including commission received.

6) Sales Module
This sales module is used after the allocation of vehicle to the customer. You can print invoices (different formats) and offical receipts for balance of deposits before registration of vehicle. Invoices format can be different for financier, customer or own office copy.
Tracking from allocation to registration of vehicle. Sales is recognised only upon registration of vehicle. Commission earned by salesman for each vehicle will be automatic updated but can be amended if required.

7) Reports
The system comes with a Report Writers module installed (Desktop version only). Users are given the option to view the reports but not to create and/or edit and delete them. There will be an additional charge if users opt to purchase the license to create and edit reports.
There are more than 30 standard reports provided based on all the above modules.

8) Security
The system shall have a simple login security feature. Each user shall have her own user ids and password. Transactions or records created shall reflect the user id and date of modification. Users may add, edit or modify records but only the administrator is allowed to perform a deletion.

9) Linkage To UCD Range of Software
This UCD-NMMS share common files with our range of software as such this will eliminate the duplication of work.
a) UCD General Insurance System
b) UCD Used Motor Management System

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