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Main Features Summary

1) Stock Control Module
Every vehicle purchased is recorded and tracked. The process and procedure involved is monitored using our system. Relevant documents such as Purchase Contract are printed from the system.
Stocks are tracked in many ways such as by model,purchase date, source of purchase,introducer or salesman/broker, etc.

2) Finance Payment Module
Installment Payments for vehicles that are still under financed with Finance Company are tracked here. You can monitor how many vehicles are financed with which Finance Company and the amount due. You can print out the list of installments due on a monthly basic until full settlement.

3) Maintenance Module
The module there are 2 sections. One is to track the maintenance that are done on each vehicle. The other is to management the suppliers/creditors invoices and payments to ensure that there is no double billing and also to monitor the prices of services and spare parts provided.
You can also use this to approve and made payments for each invoices or for each individual supplier.

4) Sales Module
All vehicle sold will be recorded and monitored. There will be detailed iniformation on the sales transaction. Relevant documents such as Evidence of Purchase (Buyer Sales Contract), Loan Application Form, Invoices and Official Receipts will be printed on the spot.
You can easily know the latest status of loan application, approval and Finance cheque received. Other features including Registration Card Control, Retention Control, Estimated Loan Settlement Figure and "Hutang Tepi" i.e Buyers Outstanding Due.

5) Report Writer
The reports are generated using a special Report Writer software from USA. There is an option to purchase the license to create, amend and delete reports by the customers. Customers who purchased the license will be trained on using it.

6) Security
The standard version has 2 levels security sytem i.e. Clerk and Administrator/Supervisor Levels. Clerk level security is restricted from featuers such as "Deletion Of Records", Amendment to Official Receipts printed, no access to Profit & Loss reports and screens, etc.
If high level of security is required, we can customise it.

7) Faster customer services and enquiries
Simple but frequent questions asked by customer can be easily answered in seconds and not in minutes. Examples of such questions are “Is my policy ready for collection?? “What was my previous policy NCB entitlement??or “What additional coverage did I buy in my policy??

8) Branches System
UCD has developed a branches system for car dealers. The system is similar to the bank system where branches can updated 'live' data to the Head Office. Major advantages of this is that data are 'live', branches performance can be monitored instantly and information can be retrieved with the click of a mouse.


UCD Software S/B is a software company specialised in developing systems for the Used/New Car Dealers and General Insurance Agents. This system links to our UCD General Insurance System sharing common data files i.e. Giving you a complete soultion.

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