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Below is the list of software application available:

a) UCD General Insurance Agency System
b) UCD New Motor Management System
c) UCD Used Motor Management System
d) UCD Hire Purchase System

    i) UCD Block Discounting System
    ii) UCD Pre-Loan Process System
    iii) UCD Credit Control Tracking System
    iv) UCD Loan Recovery System
    v) UCD Repossession Management System
    vi) UCD Compliance Management System
    vii) UCD Document Filing Cabinet System
e) UCD Credit Loan Management System
f) UCD Personal Loan Management System
g) UCD Vehicle Body & Paint Claim Management System
h) UCD Label Printing Management System
i) UCD Guarded & Gated Residential Management System

Applications Linkage With Commercial Accounting System

The software applications designed by us can be linked to the following accounting system
1) UBS Accounting System
2) EMAS Accounting System
3) Autocount Accounting System
4) SQL Accounting System
5) QNE Accounting System
6) MYOB Accounting System

As a software development company for more than 25 years, we have done custom design & developed applications to a number of industries.

Contact Person Handphone No.
Alan Wong - 012-2215376
Susan Low - 016-8320723
Lee Ching Wai - 012-6333720
See Hooi Sean - 016-2834146