My name is Lawrence Hwa, a director of Ex-Date Network Sdn Bhd. We have been using UCD Software Sdn Bhd`s UCD General Insurance System since 1997 ie . 13 years ago. When we started using UCD GIS v3 our yearly turnover was less than RM200,000-00 but today we have five(5) Branches using the latest SQL version UCD GIS V7 with annual turnover of more than RM5 million. Our branches are linked to Head Office server via VPN.

UCD has been our IT partner throughout these years and we are totally with their service and support. In fact in the last 13 years we have introduced to UCD more than 50 of my General Insurance agent friends who have became his clients throughout Peninsula Malaysia. In spite of the fact that we are located in Skudai, Johore and their office is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor , UCD has been providing us good support consistenly of the past 13 years.

Mr Alan Wong of UCD is very knowledgeable about the General Insurance Industry. Together with his IT background and business knowledge, he has been very helpful and always willing to share it with us on improving our IT system and workflow. I find Alan to be cery receptive to ideas for example recently I highlighted to him to include SMS and Email Marketing/Reminder solution into his SQL version. He did within 2 months. Now our company has reduced tremendously our cost of sending Reminders to our policy holder with just a few "clicks of the mouse".

I would not hesitate to recommend to Mr Alan Wong to be the IT solution provider and consultant.