Q: Is UCD Products in web application?

A: No. Our core products are developed in Desktop Application (on Premises)

Q: Can UCD System support multiple branch?

A: Yes. Using VPN connection to allow branches access to HQ.

Q:Is UCD Core product customisable?

A: Yes. We can accommodate Customer needs by customise from our standard product.

Q: What is the database using in UCD System?

A: UCD system is developed using MS SQL Express database.

Q: Is the UCD database host by UCD?

A: No. UCD do not host the client database. The client is the owner of the database.And is it keep by client.

Q: What is the computer minimum requirement for UCD system?



Database Engine / Database Server : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
Processor : Intel Core i5 Processors (Recommended i7 Processors)
RAM (Memory) : 8 GB (Recommended 16 GB)
Storage Space : 2 GB for application, 10 GB for database and working


Operating System : Windows 8 64bit , Windows 10 and above
.Net Framework : Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 and above
Processor : Intel Core i3 processors
RAM (Memory) : 8 GB
Storage Space : 2 GB for application
Local Area Network : 100 Mbps
Internet : 30 Mbps and above (For VPN)

Q: Can UCD System integrate with any thrid party software?

A: Yes, UCD can integrate with other system via API. UCD system is customisable for integration.

Q: Is UCD System is subscription basic?

A: No. UCD System is selling at one time off payment.